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Master of the 4th Degree
Maurice J Devine

Faithful Friar
Rev Joseph R Paquette

District Marshal
John S Kay

Chief of Staff Timothy S Gelinas Mary Ann

Secretary to the Master Roger J Johnson

Immediate Former Master
Stephen Ciolfi
I joined the Knights of Columbus as a Charter Member of 
St. Philip Council #11087 in Greenville in 1993.  I served 
2 terms as Grand Knight, and presently serve as a Council 
Trustee.  I am also a 4th Degree member of Bishop Russell 
J. McVinney Assembly # 1061 in Pascoag.  I served 3 terms 
as Faithful Navigator, and presently serve as Tustee.  I 
entered the State chairs when elected State Warden in 
2002, under then State Deputy Ken Hogan.
Vice Supreme Master Michael C Donnelly Mary

Spiritual Advisor Francis J Valliere Donna

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